‘Tractor is the king of the fields, don’t make it an angel of death’, the government has banned stunts

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A man died while performing a stunt on a tractor at a rural sports fair in Gurdaspur district. According to the police, 29-year-old Sukhmandeep Singh died on Saturday in Sarchur village of Fatehgarh Churi constituency. Sukhmandeep Singh was trying to get on the tractor by placing his foot on the tire. Meanwhile, his foot got stuck and he fell down. After this he was crushed under the tires of the tractor. Due to this, the young man died.
After this matter came to light, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann tweeted, “Dear Punjabi tractor is called the king of fields..don’t make it the messenger of death.. on any kind of stunt or dangerous performance with tractor and related implements. Ban is being imposed in Punjab..rest details soon..

The accident happened while performing a stunt during the fair

It may be mentioned that Chinjh Mela was going on in the memory of Baba Gani in Sarchur village of Gurdaspur district of Punjab. Sukhmandeep Singh Thattha was trying to perform a stunt during a village sports fair. Meanwhile, he was driving the tractor on two wheels. After this, as he stood on the two wheels of the tractor and tried to climb on it, his other leg got caught in the tire and he fell down. After this, he fell under the tires of the tractor, due to which he died. The organizers of this painful accident have announced the postponement of the fair. After this there were discussions of stopping the stunt.

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